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Kona Macphee I was born in London and grew up in Melbourne, where I spent much of my early life suffering from an unfortunate case of Type A Personality.

After leaving school I started and abandoned two music degrees and a motorcycle-mechanic apprenticeship, finished two more sci/tech degrees, then followed up with a voluntarily-downgraded Ph.D.-to-M.Sc. and a cathartically-uncompleted PG.Dip. I’ve finally come to the conclusion that in my own (misguided? perverse? pigheaded?) case, personal integrity is inexplicably correlated with academic ignominy.

I’ve had an absurd variety of jobs including waitress, web editor/developer/architect, astronomy software engineer, start-up technical director and media producer, and I’ve written some books. These days, I’ve given up trying to have a “proper career”. I simply hope to make a modest living creating interesting things (my favourite of which I like to put on this website) and to learn-by-doing whenever I can.

I live in glorious Perthshire, where I can have a micro-holiday in the Scottish hills every single morning, and I try to keep creativity at the heart of everything I do. Oh yes – and I really like riding and tinkering with motorbikes. My personal pet project is the Crieff Cloverleaf, a set of four free all-day motorcycle touring routes centred on Crieff, Perthshire.

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